Strategic Direction

The Top Priorities for 2013-14 are:

  • Establish a community-driven Economic Development Advisory Board- The Eagle Lake First Nation Economic Department would like to invite interested members to join the Eagle Lake Development Board (ELDB). As an energetic individual, this is an opportunity to share your expertise and dedication to your community by participating in new economic and business ventures through the ELDB. Community sessions such as the ones hosted in June and August give us a shared vision of what the community wants to see in the future and we rely on the knowledge of the members to guide our direction.
  • Under that Board, create an Ojibway Paradise Resort Revitalization Plan and long-term strategy to drive the restoration of the resort and plan a successful and financially-sound future.
  • Create a separate legal-entity business Development Corporation
  • Support of new and existing economic development projects and businesses
  • Increase investment readiness
  • Increase engagement with outside partners and organizations
  • Incorporate the Keep the Land Sacred Declaration- Sustainable development is vital to the integrity of Eagle Lake First Nation. Economic Development does not threaten the Land Declaration. In fact, the Land Declaration can function as a guide and a basis for economic decision making in particular for economic initiatives in natural resources.



  • Organization of Economic Development Priorities
  • Creation of Board and Committee
  • Capacity Building


  • Act on Implementation Plans
  • Marketing and Investment Attraction
  • Training and Support
  • 2014-2015

    • Review and Monitoring of Effectiveness
    • Expansion and Growth of Economic Base
    • Forming Partnerships


    • Evaluation and Review of Economic Objectives in Preparation of the next 5-year Plan
    • Moving Forward